To set up a website you need domain (, web server (so that other people can see your website) and finished website.

  • Landing page (Everything on just one webpage)  Example
  • Basic website / advanced landing page (one language, 3 or max. 4 menu tabs, some text, max. 3 galleries…) Example
  • Advanced website (Multilingual, a lot of text, a lot of web forms, a lot of galleries,…) Example
  • Online store Exaple

You can check out our other projects here.

  1. Competitive analysis, planning, domain registration and web server configuration
  2. Website development and testing
  3. Finishing up the website, corrections, digital signing into web browsers…

You can read more on this here.

The time frame for designing a website depends on the complexity of the project. Once we acquire all materials needed for construction, and outline the structure, the process usually takes somewhere between 14 and 20 days. Online stores usually require 30 days.

The price depends on the level of difficulty. We only manage websites that we have either designed or renovated ourselves.

You can find out more about website management here.

No, of course not. We use the WordPress CMS system, which is available in Slovenian. It offers simple website editing. You only need basic working knowledge of programs such as MS Word and such. You do not need any additional program software or special knowledge for working with the WordPress CMS editor. All you need is internet access and a web browser. You can manage and edit your website from anywhere.

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a security certificate that ensures the authenticity of the web address and at the same time, encrypts all data being transferred between the website and its users, with the use of SSL technology. Basically, the SSL certificate ensures safe data transfer.

That is our job. We do this at the end of the project, free of charge.

Optimizing a website means positioning the web address on higher result matches in web browsers. A higher match means more users and more potential clients.

  • a domain
  • web structure and URL addresses
  • site names
  • site contents
  • meta data (address, description, key words)
  • redirections
  • sitemap.xml (files with URL addresses) and robots.txt
  • connecting with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

We have summarized potential reasons into 4 categories for easier understanding.

  1. The website is not modified for mobile devices.
  2. The website has a slow loading time.
  3. You cannot manage or edit your website by yourself.
  4. The website looks outdated, unappealing.

You can find out more about renovating your website here.

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